Lady Sings it Better is back!

2009 – It was the year we had Kevin Rudd PM (round one), it cost roughly 2 cents to buy a house, Rebecca Gibney won the gold logie and the ABC was given an extra $136 million bucks in funding. They were simpler times. Meanwhile, I was preparing for the first ever production of a […]

Book tour, it’s a book tour!

Queerstories Book

The Queerstories book was released this week, and people have already been sharing their happy snaps with their copies. I’m off on a mini book tour with 6 launch events scheduled. Sydney’s event this weekend is already sold out, but you can grab tix to the rest of them! Sydney Opera House for Antidote Festival, […]

What’s happening?

I’ve got LOADS coming up in August and September and I’m excited to be on the road again. June and July have been a bit more low key, a much needed break from touring after Mother’s Ruin‘s big UK tour, Sydney Opera House debut and regional Victoria tour earlier in the year. So, what’s next? […]

Want a paid internship or casual admin work?

Ok. I am overworked. It’s time to offer a paid internship opportunity or casual admin work to someone keen to learn more about working as an independent producer. If you know someone who’d be keen please share this about! Who I want Ideally someone keen on the behind-the-scenes with dreams of producing, OR someone who […]

Hello from the road…

Well, we’re 10 shows into our 20 show UK tour, and what a delight it’s been so far! First stop was Bath where we had a 6 night run as part of Bath Comedy Festival. The town was clearly made for a cabaret about gin because we’d be there less than 24 hours when we […]

The latest…

So I’ve decided to start trying to write regular updates about my work! It may only be February but this year has already been full, so why not add to the workload with blogging… In January we got all dressed up for the Sydney Theatre Awards because Mother’s Ruin was nominated for Best Cabaret. Of […]

Vote for our portrait in the National Portrait Photography Prize!

Last year we did a photoshoot at The Barbershop in Sydney to create the promotional images for Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin. We were stoked with the results and the photos have been used to promote Mother’s Ruin around the country, where we’ve had countless sell out shows. The photographer, Patrick Boland, submitted one […]

Fruit, Sex and Nine Inch Nails

Lady Sings It Nine Inch Nails

This week, Lady Sings it Better launched our collaboration with ACON’s women’s project, Claude.  Our video, a playful cover of ‘Closer’ by the Nine Inch Nails, is a not-quite-safe-for-work reinvention of the ‘condom on the banana’ demonstration we all remember from high school. Its point is to spread awareness about same-sex attracted women’s health. Did you know […]

Introducing… Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin

In 2016, I am thrilled to be premiering Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin. It is what it sounds like it is. I’ve been working with an amazing creative team to develop the show and we’ll be launching it on the world this year (dates to be announced). In the meantime, here are our first promotional […]

‘Crying’: a feminist musical parody

Crying Feminist Parody Lady

Using donations from our Patreon page, Lady Sings it Better has been able to release our first music video, a parody of men who complain on the internet about feminism. Typically, the comments on our YouTube are a who’s who of angry men complaining about feminism, so Lewis’ Law is at play whereby the comments […]