Queerstories 2020 – first four episodes

Today I am releasing the first four episodes of Queerstories 2020, my little pandemic podcast in which LGBTQI+ storytellers reflect on the weird, queer year that’s been. These first four, with stories by Kerry Bashford, Holly Zwalf, Patrick Lenton, Aurelia St Clair, Enoch Mailangi, Nayuka and Witt Gorrie, Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen and Farz Edraki – […]

Queerstories 2020 Storyteller Announcement

Queerstories 2020 Purple Logo

In the midst of the madness of 2020, unsure when I’d be able to host live events again, I managed to secure funding from the City of Sydney to commission new writing for the Queerstories podcast – stories written during lockdown, inspired by the events of the past year. I did a national call out […]

How to Write A Good Queerstories Pitch

I’ve had all sorts of stories performed at Queerstories but when it comes to those that resonate, the stories people keep mentioning to me long after an event, there are a few ‘rules’ that often apply. First thing is to make it personal and narrative. Make it a story! I get a lot of pitches […]

Queerstories in Lockdown – Expressions of Interest

Thanks to funding support from the City of Sydney, I am able to commission 16 new stories for the Queerstories podcast, from LGBTQI+ storytellers around the country. Normally the podcast is populated with live recordings from events I curate, but with the theatres closed, I am looking for new writing from LGBTQI+ storytellers, work that […]

Queerantine: supporting LGBTQ authors and booksellers while stuck at home

Some of you are baking sourdough, some are working out how to homeschool your kids, all too many of us are grappling with Centrelink and some of us are losing hours staring out the window in a mild panic. Since I can’t be part of sharing gorgeous queer writing with you at Queerstories events for […]

For those who blazed the trail

It’s Mardi Gras! AKA Queer Christmas AKA month for companies to sell a plethora of rainbow stuff to us….yay, I guess? I love Mardi Gras almost as much as I love making fun of Mardi Gras, honestly I do. And I have had a wonderful festival already, curating Queer Thinking last weekend and attending the […]

Valentine’s Gay

So yes, Valentine’s Day is a blatant opportunity to sell some pretty useless shit, from “everlasting flowers” (are they just plastic?) to candles (my girlfriend loves scented candles, I do not understand them), to expensive perfume – ‘joy’ for women and ‘sauvage’ for men…really…? As a proud romantic-occasion-sceptic, I am more partial to the concept […]

Queerstories episodes for a Happy New Queer

New Year’s Resolutions. Some people are all about them – dating more, dating less, going the full Kondo on their undie drawer, ridiculous weight loss plans (THE DIET INDUSTRY IS A SCAM) etc etc. I’m not wild about NYE resolutions – surely self-improvement should be an ongoing thing rather than a momentary promise made due […]

Queerstories Eps for escaping the fam

The sun’s out, you’ve finally got some time off work, but your aunt’s already insisting you wear the goddamn paper cracker hat even though it splits on the side due to your large head (apparently a trait that runs in the family). Don’t get me wrong, spending time with your loved ones over the holidays […]

Introducing… Homage

I started out this year with a quite ambitious to-do list, and whilst I am getting through it (fueled by a characteristic combo of ambition and anxiety), I am also bloody exhausted. It is September, everyone. Just in case you thought your phone calendar carked it with the latest update, I can confirm with certainty […]