Valentine’s Gay

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So yes, Valentine’s Day is a blatant opportunity to sell some pretty useless shit, from “everlasting flowers” (are they just plastic?) to candles (my girlfriend loves scented candles, I do not understand them), to expensive perfume – ‘joy’ for women and ‘sauvage’ for men…really…?

As a proud romantic-occasion-sceptic, I am more partial to the concept of Galentine’s Day (If you’re not a Parks & Rec fan…you should be). Though to be fair, when I first heard of it I presumed it was for lesbians not platonic best friends. On this topic, straight women need to stop calling their friends “girlfriends.” But Leslie Knope can do whatever she likes.

Anywaaaay, whether you hate heart-shaped anything or you’ve already ordered a dozen roses to be sent to the offices of someone you meant once, we can all get around this excellent round up some of the greatest stories on love and lust performed at Queerstories. Some are hilarious, some are heartbreaking, all are excellent. Happy V-Day to you:



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