Please support my production company!

Earlier this year, I quit my full time job to pursue freelance writing, performing, producing and directing full time. It’s going well! But being able to support myself (which I do) and being able to pay my collaborators, take creative risks, go on tour and record an album? Different things!

With this in mind, I’ve launched a Patreon account for my, my production company, blackcat productions (which I run with Phoebe Meredith) and our cabaret act, Lady Sings it Better (as well as all the other projects we’re developing).

Patreon is like the crowdfunding platforms you might be familiar with, but instead of one-off donations for a single project, it’s more like traditional patronage. Ongoing donations that give artists, writers and creatives a regular income. It means we can plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that we’ll have money in the bank for tour expenses, insurance, web hosting, artist fees and so on.

We’re asking those who love our work to pledge just $1 per month so we can make more work, take more risks and pay the artists we employ a fare fee for their work. If we reach our milestone of $1000 per month in donations, we can make an album and ALL our donors will get free downloads of the songs we record. All the donation levels have different perks and offers like discount show tickets, cabaret-grams (personalised video messages), private concerts and more.

Working in the arts is a privilege and we love it. We’ve received immense support from our friends, family and fans, and we’ve responded by working hard to create wonderful shows (we also try to keep our ticket prices low!). If you can spare $1 per month (or more!), please head over to our Patreon page or watch the video below to learn more: