For those who blazed the trail

It’s Mardi Gras! AKA Queer Christmas AKA month for companies to sell a plethora of rainbow stuff to us….yay, I guess? I love Mardi Gras almost as much as I love making fun of Mardi Gras, honestly I do. And I have had a wonderful festival already, curating Queer Thinking last weekend and attending the […]

Valentine’s Gay

So yes, Valentine’s Day is a blatant opportunity to sell some pretty useless shit, from “everlasting flowers” (are they just plastic?) to candles (my girlfriend loves scented candles, I do not understand them), to expensive perfume – ‘joy’ for women and ‘sauvage’ for men…really…? As a proud romantic-occasion-sceptic, I am more partial to the concept […]

Queerstories episodes for a Happy New Queer

New Year’s Resolutions. Some people are all about them – dating more, dating less, going the full Kondo on their undie drawer, ridiculous weight loss plans (THE DIET INDUSTRY IS A SCAM) etc etc. I’m not wild about NYE resolutions – surely self-improvement should be an ongoing thing rather than a momentary promise made due […]

Queerstories Eps for escaping the fam

The sun’s out, you’ve finally got some time off work, but your aunt’s already insisting you wear the goddamn paper cracker hat even though it splits on the side due to your large head (apparently a trait that runs in the family). Don’t get me wrong, spending time with your loved ones over the holidays […]

Lady Sings it Better is back!

2009 – It was the year we had Kevin Rudd PM (round one), it cost roughly 2 cents to buy a house, Rebecca Gibney won the gold logie and the ABC was given an extra $136 million bucks in funding. They were simpler times. Meanwhile, I was preparing for the first ever production of a […]

Hot tips for Sydney Comedy Festival

Please enjoy the fact we’ve referred to ourselves as Marsden & Wood, which sounds much more like a law firm than a cabaret duo. Obvs, this is Libby and Maeve, bringing you the shows we are most disappointed to be missing at Sydney Comedy Festival. We’re off on tour to the UK with Mother’s Ruin […]

How AirBnB solved marriage equality through capitalism

After AirBNB launched what I consider to be a ridiculous campaign for marriage equality, I tried my hand at satire for the Sydney Morning Herald, with mixed responses (read the piece here). The piece got shared widely but some unfortunate souls didn’t realise it was satire and were a little upset with me. Ahem. Regardless […]

Homos, we HAVE podcast!

Ok, so you aren’t all homos, and obviously Queerstories embraces all of the letters in the LGBTQIA acronym. I just like using “homos” the way other people say “hi guys” and mean everyone. Right? Anyway, I am thrilled to have the first two stories up on the Queerstories podcast. Queerstories is a monthly LGBTQIA storytelling […]

Six Dangers of Growing Up With Lesbian Mums

Sometimes I respond to homophobia with thoughtful analysis and gentle education. Sometimes I respond with passion and rage. And sometimes the only response is ridicule. S0 I wrote this for Daily Life.


Queerstories blog

Last month, I produced my first Queerstories as a ‘ticketed’ event, at Giant Dwarf for Sydney Fringe. Queerstories began as a free LGBTQI storytelling night at Late Night Library, but it was so popular I was keen to see if it could work in a bigger venue. We sold out Giant Dwarf’s 260 seats and […]