Queerantine: supporting LGBTQ authors and booksellers while stuck at home

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Some of you are baking sourdough, some are working out how to homeschool your kids, all too many of us are grappling with Centrelink and some of us are losing hours staring out the window in a mild panic.

Since I can’t be part of sharing gorgeous queer writing with you at Queerstories events for the foreseeable (though you can listen to them on the podcast), I thought I’d do a shout out for some of my favourite LGBTQI+ authors in the hope you’ll hop online and order their books – some of which were launching in the next couple of months, their authors now facing the challenge of reaching an audience without the festival circuit.

There are great queer-friendly bookshops around the country doing home delivery. Yes, you can order on one of the bigger sites, but we want these independent booksellers to be around when this is all over, so get in touch with them, buy a few books, or attend one of their virtual events.


Books to buy

Obviously, I would love it if you bought the Queerstories book, which most of these shops should stock, but if they don’t, grab it on Booktopia. Other great queer collections include Growing Up Queer in Australia and Kindred.

I really recommend looking up the following amazing authors and buying one or all of their books: Ellen Van Neerven, Melissa Lucashenko, Peter Polites, Alison Whittaker, Fiona Wright, Omar Sakr, Krissy Kneen, Benjamin Law, Steven Amsterdam, Nigel Featherstone, Claire Coleman, Ronnie Scott, Rick Morton, Nevo Zisin, Eddie Ayres, Holly Throsby, Will Kostakis, Alison Evans, Christos Tsiolkas, Marlee Jane Ward, Michael Earp, Sally Rugg and probably any other LGBTQI+ writers I’ve forgotten (suggest more in the comments, please!).

Happy reading, see you on the other side

xxx Maeve

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