5 years of musical mayhem: Gay News Network

I had a chat with Cec Busby of the Gay News Network, about Lady Sings it Better’s show this Saturday night. I am thrilled to say that seated tickets are nearly booked out so we’ve released cheap standing room tickets at $25. Here’s the interview with GNN:

While her friends and family are celebrating milestones like wedding anniversaries and children’s birthdays, Maeve Marsden is inviting you to join her for a different kind of party. This October, Marsden and her all-girl troupe, Lady Sings It Better, will marks five years of crowd-pleasing performances with a special anniversary show at the Factory Theatre.

Starting out as a one-off showcase at iconic alternative venue, The Red Rattler, Lady Sings It Better has evolved into a four-piece comedy cabaret act that’s garnered rave reviews, spawned a rabid fan base and has toured the world.

Subverting popular songs usually sung by men to deliver an almost feminist agenda, the group serve up delicious harmonies whilst providing a fresh take on all those Top 40 pop tunes we so blithely hum along to without a second thought. Whether they’re turning Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ on its head or giving Bruno Mars’ ‘Gorilla’ a spin, Marsden, Chandra Franken, Libby Wood and Anna Martin are always on pitch and always entertaining.

Marsden conceived the group with her business partner Phoebe Meredith, five years ago. She says Lady Sings It Better is her longest running relationship to date and told SX she is looking forward to celebrating “our little cabaret-singing, feminist musical comedy troupe”.

Asked what gave Lady Sings It Better such longevity, Marsden replied: “I often joke that I had one really great creative idea and I’ve stuck to it. Eventually I’m sure I’ll have a second one”.

Indeed to hear Marsden tell it, she’s dedicated as much time, energy, patience and consideration to being an independent artist as most people do to their romantic relationships. It’s little wonder she wants to celebrate the milestone with a big shindig.

At the group’s fifth anniversary celebration, Marsden says the quartet has plenty of stories to regale the audience. Indeed, for this night only, what has gone on tour will not stay on tour.

“There will be a few sordid tales from the road. You can’t take a group of  people into small two or three bedroom apartments and not end up with ridiculous stories. We’ve just done some weird gigs. We performed at the opening of this weird leather bar once to about three people or people book us for family gigs and we’re terrified when we get on stage we’re going to swear. There are lots of silly emerging artist experiences.”

There are even a few special guests to add to the mayhem, including former Lady Sings It Better members Jess Maynard and Jenni Little, who are dropping in for a song or two.

Most of all, Marsden hopes the audience will have a wonderful time.

“We’ve worked hard to get the balance of self indulgent celebration and entertaining feminist cabaret show just right.”