Americans Say the Darndest Things

I wrote the following quotes down. These people were crazy. and possibly oil tycoons. A man in his 70s and his two kids (in their 30s). I wasn’t fast enough to note the conversation in which the father denounced global warming as a joke. I had been surreptitiously listening to them and when this started I laughed out loud and the daughter said ‘look dad she’s laughing at you.’ Quotes:

so i said to her sweetie if you’re gonna be an illegal immigrant you really shouldn’t be a Republican

On Barack Obama: You don’t think he’s a <uslim? My in-laws think he’s the spawn of satan! They think he’s the devil! What do you think Dad? Are the Alabama baptists just freakin’ out right now?

Daughter: “My husband’s best friend is getting married in Prague. He met his fiancée there.”
Father: “So he’s marrying a Czech…….as opposed to cash…”
Daughter: “…oh she likes cash!”

You know the woman who lives down the street she has triplets. And now she’s about to pop out another set of triplets!….I guess she’ll have to get another nanny.

My friend she imports her help from the Phillipines and she pays them like 1000 pounds a month. Says she doesn’t believe in the class system, you know upper class and lower class. so she pays ’em heaps. Doesn’t believe in class, isn’t that cute!

I don’t mind rising oil prices, I get more from my oil stocks than I pay at the gas station.