A Vegetarian New Year’s Feast

A dear friend was visiting from Canada over Christmas, so a bunch of us booked a cottage in an orchard to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Any excuse is a good excuse to plan a feast, so I put together a menu and we all pitched in to make dinner. Everything was delicious!

First up, PIMMS! Made with the a mix of lemonade, ginger beer and soda water, because I like it that way.

Ottolenghi Baked Pumpkin – One of my Mothers made this for Christmas lunch and it’s heavenly. Check out the recipe here.


Ottolenghi Raw Vegetable Salad – I can’t find this on his website, but it’s in the wonderful cookbook, Plenty More, and another website has published it here.


Kale Slaw – This was a salad of my own invention with kale, red cabbage, spring onions, red capsicum, my home made pickled carrot & daikon, black sesame seeds and a sesame / soy / rice vinegar dressing


Steamed Kipfler Potatoes with butter, rosemary, chives, parsley & thyme – the recipe is in the title.


Here’s the table set (with bonus cobs of corn, roasted in their husks on the BBQ! and a tub of lime & garlic aoili because of course.)


IMG_5345We had a cheese plate for dessert- Comte, Washed Rind, Ash Brie, Manchego, Blue Dauphinois & Chevre, complete with peaches and some honey mead from the orchard we were staying in. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a cute place to stay south of Sydney, Darkes Cottage on AirBNB was well equipped and cosy, with delicious produce and friendly staff. It’s about 15 minutes drive to Stanwell Tops Beach.

Finally, gratuitous holiday snaps, instagrammed for maximum blue sky. Please enjoy how sun-safe my pals are:


‘Crying’: a feminist musical parody

Using donations from our Patreon page, Lady Sings it Better has been able to release our first music video, a parody of men who complain on the internet about feminism. Typically, the comments on our YouTube are a who’s who of angry men complaining about feminism, so Lewis’ Law is at play whereby the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism. If you’d like to see more videos, or if you just want to help our feminist cabaret act keep feministing, please pledge $1 per month (or more) to our crowdfunding.

On single and queer parenting

As a queer, currently single woman who wants kids I wanted to explore people’s attitudes to single parenthood. I interviewed Doctors Emily Falconer and Holly Zwalf and wrote about the way ‘single parents by choice’ face criticism and discrimination. I hope to explore these ideas more, especially if / when I start looking at procreation! Article published on Daily Life.

A young woman’s guide to talking to second wave feminists

Having pitched the concept, my Daily Life article about bridging the gap between second and later wave feminists was one of the hardest pieces I’ve written, because I wanted to write it in a way that was respectful of feminist activists who’ve come before me, while still holding true to my views about the rights of transwomen and sex workers (these people are often marginalised by outspoken radical feminists and second wavers). I think I could write a lot more on this topic as I have many stories of fascinating conversations I’ve had with feminists of all ages. My own knowledge and politics are always developing and I respect anyone willing to listen to others and change.

Unpaid Internships in the Arts

Having spotted an advertisement for a Splendour in the Grass unpaid internship that appeared to violate the laws for such positions, I did some investigating and wrote about the impact unpaid internships in the arts have on those wishing to pursue careers in the sector. Specifically, I outline that whether or not they are legal, such internships privilege those who already come from wealthy backgrounds. Published in Daily Life.

Marriage Equality and the Transparent Season 2 Premiere

I wrote for Junkee about Transparent’s Season 2 Premiere and about how happy I was to finally see a gay wedding depicted in a way that reflects my views on marriage equality. Hint: I am a bit of a marriage grinch. It’s part TV recap, part review, part opinion tirade about the institution of marriage. Spoiler alert for the Season 2 premier, obviously.

Matt Okine and Gender Inequality in the Australian Comedy Scene

After Matt Okine spoke out about poor gender representation at the ARIAs I wrote my first article for Junkee, on the different ways men and women are treated when they speak out about inequality.

This week comedian Brydie-Lee Kennedy wrote an incredibly important and chilling piece, Men Look After Men: Sexism and Domestic Abuse In The Australian Comedy Community, about the darker side of the Australian comedy ‘boys club’, specifically about how many people working in the scene have protected and defended a comedian who physically and emotionally abused her while they were in a relationship.

While you’re reading, check out Rebecca Shaw’s article, Why the World Needs a Secret Underground Female Mafia, about the way women have to protect each other from abusers, in the face of a society and legal system unable or unwilling to address domestic violence.