Dear Celebrities. Please don’t help.

Yesterday, pockets of the LGBTQI were in uproar after a bunch of celebrities signed an ill-advised letter calling for “tolerance” and a replacement program for Safe Schools that removed the “politics and controversy.” I wrote a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald (read it here) outlining what I think was wrong with the letter, but also examining the way the word “bullying” has lost meaning in an educational context. I also got to chat to Matt and Meshel on KIIS FM this morning about the issue.

Since yesterday, the coordinator of the letter and petition, Ben Grubb, posted an apology on Medium. I think it’s an admirable apology and respect his full retraction, but I still do wish people had the good sense to research things thoroughly before penning open letters signed by Missy Higgins and Guy Pearce…

As a palate cleanser, here is the gayest song Missy ever wrote: