Robin Thicke is a repeat offender, but he’s definitely not alone

I wrote this article about the #AskThicke twitter storm and my experiences singing misogynist pop, for the Women’s Agenda, 4 July 2014.

I don’t know of many people who grow up dreaming of singing songs about aggressive sexual encounters to crowds of smiling people. It’s mainly just me… and Robin Thicke. As a cabaret singer who builds each performance around the most misogynist, offensive and downright ridiculous songs written by men, Thicke’s latest antics are a creative goldmine.

Margaret Attwood gave us the idea that men are afraid women will laugh at them, whereas women are afraid men will kill them. If this is the case, the #AskThicke PR catastrophe that’s been amusing the Internet this past week is a classic example of women and men using their best weapons…

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