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Are you lacking entertainment? Scrolling through Netflix endlessly? Living in a minimalist cave at the top of a mountain and you’ve finished writing your lifestyle blog so have nothing else to do?

Well have we got news for you – here is a nifty summary of shows worth leaving the house for:


The storytelling night we all know and love is popping up all over the place. More specifically Shepparton, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle & Melbourne. For all the dets you can click here.

Lady Sings it Better

We’re hitting up Brisbane for the first time ever! Woo hoo! Brisbane Comedy Festival has a stunning line up of shows, and we are chuffed to be there. You really can’t go wrong with this one so bring your mum, your colleagues, your local council representative, your estranged uncle (unless he’s creepy). Tickets are still available, but snap them up quick!

Mothers Ruin

Gin, tunes, laughs and gin – and we’re heading back to the UK! I’m super excited to be taking my gin baby on its third UK tour, heading to Belfast, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, London, Manchester and more! In a particularly thrilling turn of events we got some lovely funding. This tour is all possible with the help of the Australia Council’s Strategic Development Fund. Thanks OzCo! If it were appropriate to do so we would send you some thank you gin we would, but it isn’t, so we won’t.

SO Fresh! A 90s singalong 

Ahh, the nineties. It was the best of times (Hanson the band), it was the worst of times (Hanson the politician). Fi, Anna and Libby (aka the Lady Sings it Better gang minus me) are reliving the greatest pop hits for two huge shows at Giant Dwarf – and you can sing along. Find out more here. 

So there. No more excuses. Get out of the cave and into the audience. I’ll meet you at the bar at intermission.

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  • Georgina

    Just seen you and Libby in mothers ruin in Belfast. We had an absolute fabulous night with great crack and your singing together was outstanding. I hope to see more of you in Belfast (I think an epic come back over pride would be ideal😉). Much love and safe travelling,
    A new fan xx

    • MaeveMarsden

      Thanks Georgina! Make sure you follow us on Facebook so you get updates when we tour new shows. I recommend following Mother’s Ruin and Lady Sings it Better. We’d love to come back during pride!

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